Thursday, March 21, 2013

St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set & Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Lotion


I came back from my long vacation mid-January but never quite got around to updating my blog with the goodies! I've had some time to test out some of the products now so hopefully I'll be able to put up a few reviews here and there. Not all of the above items were purchased for myself, of course. About half  of them were gifts for friends :)

Some quick reviews:

St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set
This was recommended by J as one of the best selling peel-off masks in Taiwan. I purchased the above for a friend, T, who loves anything that'll rip your pores clean, lol. E also purchased the men's version for himself (which I've had the opportunity to try out). Thankfully, the men's version didn't smell overwhelmingly like cologne. 

I really like that the treatment comes in three parts: the 1st step opens your pores using a serum, the 2nd step rips out all the white/black heads with a mask, and the 3rd step closes your pores with an essence. I like that they paid attention to the fact that open pores is a gateway for bacteria and provided a product that seals up your pores :)

The entire set is well packaged and even for a non-Chinese reader like me, was easy to figure out how to use thanks to the pictures. I can't say much about the results since I don't have many whiteheads or blackheads but it SURE did it great job of ripping off all of my facial fuzz! That was seriously painful... 

Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Lotion

E kindly picked up a bottle of this while we were in Singapore cause he saw how dry my feet were (we had been walking for two weeks at that point!) and because our hands were strangely super dry even in THAT humidity (Oh Singapore, I do not miss your heat). While in Singapore, I didn't think it was a great lotion. My cuticles were cracking more than ever and I didn't really like the consistency. I blame it on the Singapore weather because...

I'm back in California now and I JUST finished up the bottle. It's really nice for use in the office! My hands were always well moisturized after application. The lotion didn't seem overly greasy. I'd totally repurchase if I saw it available here. Which reminds me: In Singapore, I learned first hand that weather plays a HUGEEEE part in your skin care routine! Hah. I know, it's a no brainer. But more on that in a separate post.

Off to shower and test out the Nivea Extra Whitening lotion :)


  1. Welcome back! Lol. ;) Your post makes me miss Asia so much. Really love seeing haul porn from that part of the world...hehe. And I agree about weather in S'pore playing a huge part in your skincare routine! I doubt I will ever get used to the humidity. =\

  2. I was looking for some products and found your blog.
    Hope you continue to post, it is so helpful.
    Right now I will order the Koji eyelash curler 70 you have mentioned in another post.
    Thank you for sharing your reviews.


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