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Wen Healthy Hair Care Kit Review

Woohoo! I finally got the chance to try out some products from the highly raved about hair care brand: Wen, all thanks to some of my favorite girlies~ Thank you, girls :)

Description from Sephora.com:
Cleanse, condition, nourish, and repair your locks with this collection of WEN favorites for all hair types. The five-in-one Cleansing Conditioner will pamper and invigorate your stressed-out tresses with its luxurious formula of herbal extracts like aloe leaf juice and sweet almond oil. The Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment is a super-nourishing, weekly mask that promises to give your hair more body and a beautiful, healthy shine. The Replenishing Treatment Mist is a lightweight, hydrating formula specially designed as a quick pick-me-up to increase volume and body between washes.

Unfortunately, I can only really give a thorough review on the Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. I don't have much to say regarding the Replenishing Treatment and haven't had the time yet to try out the Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment yet.

Regarding the Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner:
I was extremely skeptical when I found out the Cleansing Conditioner was being marketed as a five-in-one product. It’s supposed to replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, AND leave-in conditioner! Contrary to my suspicions, it actually delivers!

Directions for use state to put a ridiculous amount of product into your hair. 10-15 pumps. Use more for longer hair. Um… I’m certain I’d finish the bottle in a week or less if I went by those directions! For reference, I have thick hair that reaches down to the middle of my back. Honestly, I find that anywhere between 7-10 pumps is enough to cover my scalp and all my hair. The product isn’t so thick and un-spreadable that you’d need more than that.  I let the cleansing conditioner sit in my hair while I go through the rest of my shower routine and then wash it off. It washes off easily, with no trouble at all. No strange straw-like or overly slippery hair after washing thoroughly. Just clean hair which is quite nice.

Combing my hair afterward is a BREEZE, which I LOVE. Usually, I have to tear through my hair to comb through all the tangles (I don’t know why) and I lose a lot of hair every day. I’m not disturbed by it as this is quite normal for me but after using Wen and realizing that I don’t actually have to lose that much hair every day, it’s a really nice change.

The first day after I used Wen, I expected grease head half way into the day since I hadn’t used a shampoo. Well… that never happened! NICE. My hair stayed nice and clean all day long! No weighing down due to extra oils. I was very impressed. Granted, I still would wash my hair every day though.

Now, even though these are all great pro’s in my opinion, the product lacks delivery of its biggest selling point: awesome looking hair! The day after my first wash, my hair looked very straight (not in a nice, sexy kind of way haha), almost straw-like (though it didn’t feel like this to the touch). Still.. the ease of combing and clean hair is such a seller for me since my hair is normally very tangled up after showering.

+ Cleansing Conditioner makes it really easy to comb through hair
+ Doesn’t weigh hair down. Doesn’t add extra oils to hair
+ Plesant scent. Can’t really smell the almond but can definitely smell the slightly citrus-y scent
+ I lost less hair in the shower and while combing while using Wen
+ Hair is less frizzy when fully dried (!!!)

- Ingredient "limonene," used for fragrance, can potentially cause skin irritation

Wen Healthy Hair Care Kit Conclusion:
I’d recommend this for those looking to simplify their hair cleansing process. Also, if you only want to have to turn to one product for cleansing, conditioning, and after shower use, this might just be what you’re looking for!

All in all, I absolutely love that it makes combing my hair a breeze and has simplified my hair cleansing process.. I love that I lose way less hair in the shower and while combing compared to normal shampoos and conditioners... ah.. definitely pending a full sized bottle now... :)

Scroll down for more pictures of the Wen Healthy Hair Care Kit & Hair Results...

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Replenishing Treatment

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment


Here is my hair after the first time using the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. Still drying.

Hair fully dried. Natural slight waves.

Ends of hair are looking pretty good!

Some frizz but not as much as I normally have when using other shampoos and conditioners!

Shiny, shiny :)

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  1. I'm a Wen girl, too! Your hair is SO shiny. *is jelly* I noticed an immediate difference after the first wash and then as time went on, I could really tell how much better it was compared to regular shampoo. I haven't tried the mist but love that deep con treatment!

    Hi hi :)


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