Friday, December 14, 2012

Tony Moly Mini Bunny Hand Cream in Pure Beige Review

I couldn't deny the adorable packaging! Ahhh~ I love packaging. Haha.

What I didn't know was.. how tiny the $6 bottle of hand cream was! See below for iPhone comparison.

This Tony Moly Mini Bunny Hand Cream is quite adorable. I sat it on my desk at work and went through it within a few weeks ( I wash my hands often). Reviewers online state that it has a light floral scent but I disagree. The scent was extremely strong for me. Very perfume-y. Also, the consistency was more of a lotion than a cream. It was watery and not thick at all (which is what I expect a cream to be).

Still, the packaging was adorable. It was the perfect size to throw into my purse when needed. :) Worth the purchase for a one time adorable experience. Hehe.

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