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How to Keep Looking Fresh on Flights

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Ahh! I'm so excited!! My long-awaited vacation is almost here~ HELLO KITTY SWEETS CAFE, HERE I COME! Shopping galore and oh, the food! Don't even get me started with the food...

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What I'm not excited about, though, is having to sit in a plane for over 22 hours. Oh my gosh. I don't know how my bum is going to make it through. Bum aside since I don't think there's a single remedy for numb bums, what I can try to prevent is drying up (quite literally). Whether it's a short flight or a long flight, the cabin air does weird things to my hair and skin (I'm not alone in this, right??). My hair gets super frizzy and my skin dries up everywhere (especially under the eyes and on the lips). 

Since this'll be the longest flight I'll have taken to date, I've decided to put together a list of action items to attempt prior to boarding, while in flight, and after landing which will (hopefully) help to ease the discomforts of air travel and promote healthy skin. :)

Prior To Boarding
Hair: The evening before boarding, I'm planning on sleeping with a hydrating hair mask on and then washing it off in the morning. I think I'll take this opportunity to finally try out Wen's Sweet Almond Mint Hydrating Hair Mask. :)
Face: Before leaving for the airport, I'll give my skin one last cleanse and apply a facial oil, layer a nice moisturizing facial lotion or cream over that, and then top it off with some sunscreen.

While In Flight
Face: I'm thinking of bringing a sheet mask but I don't know.. would that be too much? That or maybe I'll use an under eye sheet mask. And has anyone used facial mists? I've read differing opinions: some say the cabin air will absorb all that moisture so there's no point in using one while others absolutely rave about certain hydrating facial mists for long hauls. Hmm...
Lips: My go-to Burt's Bee's Pomegranate lip balm could never quite cut it in airplanes so I'm going to step it up and try Aquaphor, which I've heard and read raves about. My lips always got SOO dry during flights.
Body: Drink LOOOOTS of water.

After Landing
A nice shower, a face mask to rehydrate my skin, and some sleep will probably be good.

Please feel free to share your tips as I'm sure many of you have something good to share. :) Nothing to lose and plenty of time to experiment on this super long flight, lol.

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