Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby Foot Easy Pack Review

I purchased and tried out this Baby Foot Easy Pack sometime last year I believe. It was purchased from Mitsuwa, a local Japanese grocery store, for around $20.
The instructions on the packaging are quite straight forward which make the Baby Foot Easy Pack really easy to use.

Slip on the Baby Foot Easy Pack on.
Let your feet sit in the gel for about two hours. I took a nap :)
Wash off your feet. After a few days, your feet should start peeling.
A few weeks after that, the peeling process will be complete and you'll have "baby feet!"

There's not much to say about the product besides IT'S AWESOME! Okay foot shedding aside... oh my gosh, my feet hadn't been that soft since.. forever!! I couldn't stop touching my feet where my calluses used to be.. cause they were no more!
Granted, you'll have to wear socks to sleep for a few weeks unless you want some major shedding up in there...
And note that it may take more than 2-3 weeks to complete the whole foot shedding process. At the three week mark, I thought I was finished. Soooo~ I drew a bath for myself... I threw in some new bath salts I had just purchased, jumped in, and started to reeelax. Then I noticed white particles floating around my bathtub. I thought, "Huh... did the bath salts clump up...?" 
GROSS, LOL. I immediately jumped up and started to triple wash my hair.
Bathing in your own dead FOOT skin. Not cool.
That aside, Baby Foot Easy Pack is a wonderful and highly effective product. I'm recommending it to anyone who needs a REAL foot exfoliation. It might be best practice to use it during the winter so you don't walk around freaking people out with peeling feet during the summer time, haha. ;)

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