Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tony Moly Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream Review

Cost: $7.10 USD from
Size: 30g

+ Smells just like tangerines! Mmmm. Very citrusy.
+ Adorable tangerine shaped container! I’m trying to figure out what to store inside once I’m finished with it.
+ Not super thick or goopy but it’s not exactly viscous either. Application is easy and if you use enough, it’ll glide against your skin for long enough so you can apply the lotion all over but it doesn’t dry with the same texture.

- Slightly tacky finish. Not as bad as the feeling you get when you’re using just sunscreen but it took some getting used to for me.
- The strong tangerine scent can be potentially overwhelming for some.
- No noticeable whitening.

As great as it smells, I probably wouldn’t repurchase since I’m not in love with the texture and the shape doesn’t make it very portable. It’s smaller than a lotion bottle but I prefer something just slightly smaller.

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