Friday, August 24, 2012

Paula's Choice Resist Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand Cream Review

Every once in a while, you find that there's just very little to say about a product. I try my best to write thorough reviews but sometimes, there's just not much to be said. This is definitely one of those times, hah.

Currently on sale at Paula's Choice for $12.76

+ SPF 30
+ Antioxidants!

- Tacky
- Doesn’t feel like a moisturizing hand cream to me at all. Feels exactly as if I had purchased a bottle of sunscreen. Not what I was expecting or wanted.

The extreme tacky feeling stated above deters me from using this or even considering re-purchasing. I'm trying to use this up as fast as I can to simply rid of it. Sorry Paula's Choice. I normally really like your products but this was a total miss. Love the portability of the tube but the formulation is nowhere near "cream" as the title states.

Squeezed out of the tube. 

Rubbed into skin a bit. 

Slightly shiny finish but not too shiny. Feels very tacky.

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