Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kiss Me Kiss Lip Softsense Review

Hands down: Craziest lip balm EVER.

What do you mean "crazy?" Let me tell you! Every single lip balm I've ever placed in my car has melted in the hot sun. I park in the sun and leave my windows rolled up. I'm gone for hours. I've done this over and over and over and balm has never once melted even a tiny bit. 

What do they put in this stuff????? That slightly disturbing fact aside, I adore these lip balms. Hahah~

Packaging~ Cute little peaches all over.

On the left is my now finished Strawberry Cream lip balm. On the right is my new Peach lip balm.

I purchased the strawberry cream lip balm a while back and absolutely fell in loveeeee~ with the flavor and scent. It's the perrrfect strawberry cream scent. The taste isn't too bad either if it accidentally gets on your tongue. Loved that one. Sad it's gone.

I recently did a Sasa haul and saw that they had the peach version in stock so I decided to give it a try. My car needs to be replaced with a new invincible lip balm anyway, hah. The scent on this one is extremely fragrant with peach which I don't like very much but I've managed to get used to it. If you're off to purchase one, I'd highly recommend the strawberry one out of the two. Price was roughly $5 USD. Loveeee~ the strawberry one. :)

Still. I don't understand how it never melts. Ridiculous, hah.

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  1. Ok, what? This does not melt in the car?! o.O. That alone earns it a thumbs up! Strawberry's my fave scent too. My lip balm of choice is pretty boring: Aquaphor! ;P

    (So glad to hear you had a good time at the food fair! I cannot wait to see that ramen pic. And I giggled when you mentioned taking naps between skincare applications. How long do you usually wait? I try to do 15 minutes but it's more like 5-10 most of the time. :/)


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