Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY Niacinamide Mask

Since my skin has gotten over (cross fingers) it's acne battle, I've been trying to find a way to lighten or rid the acne scars. M told me about how niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) has worked well for her sister's acne scars which lead me to read up as much as I could about the magical topical vitamin. I found that niacinamide is supposed to be really good at fighting acne (in one study, better than clindamycin which I was prescribed) and can also help to lighten skin. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

I spent the longest time going through a ton of web links and search results, trying to find a niacinamide mask recipe that dealt with pure niacinamide powder (which I purchased from Lotion Crafter) but I couldn't find a single recipe. My friends recipes and recipes that I've found online all use Niacinamide capsules from health food stores which actually contain ingredients other than just niacinamide such as gelatin and magnesium stearate so I tried to make my own.

First I tried adding just water to my niacinamide powder. The powder would just dissolve and leave me with no substance to actually stick onto my face. Soaking cotton squares with this and letting them sit on my face wouldn't offer full coverage of my face.

Next, I thought to experiment with some of the excess sea kelp bioferment I still have and tried combining that with the niacinamide powder. It worked!! This recipe is still a recipe in progress so if you attempt, please do so at your own discretion. As a disclaimer, I have ZERO medical background and am purely "DIY'ing" my own products for fun. I have no idea how this recipe will react with your skin. For those who want some sort of reference, I generally have really sensitive, dry to normal skin.

DIY Niacinamide Mask Recipe
1/4 tsp Sea Kelp Ferment (
1/8 tsp pure Niacinamide powder (
*This recipe makes enough to cover the face and neck. For use on body, increase measurements to 1 tsp sea kelp bioferment and 1/2 tsp niacinamide powder.

How to use:
1. Mix sea kelp bioferment with niacinamide powder in a plastic or glass container using a plastic stick or utensil.
2. Apply mixture all over face and neck avoiding eye and lip area.
3. Leave on for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Not too long after application, I could feel the mixture begin to dry and my skin begin to really tighten. It was a bit uncomfortable moving my head to look at other things so I tried to just stay put. The mixture dried an uneven chalky white on my skin.

My skin was quite red after washing off the mask. I didn't notice any immediate positive results. Perhaps it's a bit strong for my skin. BUT! A few days after trying out this mask for the first time, I definitely saw an improvement in the clarity and brightness of my skin! I really like it and have been using it once a week, every week, since then. Only once did I do a body mask but I think it'll take a few more before I'll see a difference in the skin on my body.

Niacinamide from LotionCrafter

Sea Kelp Ferment from BulkActives

Niacinamide powder in a plastic container

Mixed with the sea kelp ferment. You can still see the little bits of niacinamide.

Easy to spread jelly texture.

Skin after washing off face mask. You can see it's quite red/flushed. The darker spots are my acne scars.

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  1. Ok, what? Those are your acne scars? I can barely see them!

    You are quite the DIY lady! :)

    (Ooh I've heard of her! And thanks for the support! Getting to level 3 is no easy feat I'm sure. Hope I make it fairly


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