Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Philosophy Shelter Review

Philosophy's Shelter is described as an oil-free sunscreen with SPF 30. It is antioxidant rich and is designed to protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays while also moisturizing and soothing the skin. 

This sunscreen is slightly tinted but the coverage is sheer enough so that it doesn't look like you're wearing foundation or anything too heavy. In MAC colors, I'm N30 and this sunscreen looked just fine on me (I hope). It smells a little funny which I'm not too big a fan of.

Cost: $25 for 4 oz
Where to buy: Philosophy

Directions: Apply to face and body 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply as needed. Reapply after extended sun exposure, swimming, towel drying or sweating.

My Thoughts: 
- Thick formula that is a tad difficult to spread on face when compared to my normal milky sunscreens. It's a bit thick so I usually dab it in instead of slathering it around.
- After application, my face was a tad shiny so I used a blotting sheet to get rid of the excess oil/shine. 

I really like Philosophy cosmetics but their skincare range has just got me on the fence. I wish I could love them like everyone else seems to! Given, I've only really tried their Purity Cleanser, discontinued Handmade hand cream, and this Shelter sunscreen from their skincare line but 2/3 aren't doing it for me. Maybe this is a reason to go out and try more of their products? :)

If you like Philosophy and are looking for a sunscreen, this might just be what you need. Otherwise, I'll pass since I'm more a fan of milky sunscreens for the ease of application. All in all, not much to say about Philosophy's Shelter.


  1. HI LORA!!!! :D

    First of all, thanks for an awesome review. I'm glad you mentioned it being thick b/c I'm all about the milky sunscreens this time of year! Btw, you have GORGEOUS skin. *is super jelly*

    Secondly, thank you SO MUCH for your NYC rec's!! It's a shame it got canceled. I've nevertheless bookmarked all the places you sent me! Maybe I can go next year. *crosses fingers* :D And nope, haven't tried Philosophy's Hands of Hope yet! That is going on this girl's TO BUY list for sure. XD I am loving those facial massages so far! Makes me look more AWAKE, ya know? o.O And about the Japanese Skincare Revolution book, I did a little post sharing my thoughts on it if you want to take a looksie:

    Thirdly, I've missed your blog and hope you are doing well. <3<3<3


    P.S Oh and sorry for being lame with email. :\

  2. Aw thanks <3

    And Tony Moly, huh? Where do you buy it? I don't think I've seen this brand sold in L.A unfortunately. T_T

  3. The leather is really nice. I actually bought Corso Como boots during the Nordies sale for example and returned them b/c they looked and felt a little cheap. I'm glad I decided to pay more for better quality.

    Anyways, have fun at the Mitsuwa fair! :D


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