Sunday, July 15, 2012

CND Flamingo Feather

Saw that my local discounted nail polish store was stocking CND a while back and decided to pick up this perfect summer polish by CND called Flamingo Feather.  

 I like to call it "Barbie Pink" though. In my opinion, it's much more of a creamy bright pink than a flamingo pink. When I think of flamingos, I think of popping orange.

The grip on the cap is a nice change from the standard plastic caps. It's rubberized and makes for a great grip. I imagine this'll come in handy when the polish starts sticking to the edges and gets stuck to the cap.

I believe this was 3 coats. The polish didn't apply very evenly across my nails (or perhaps my nails just aren't smooth, hah) which was unfortunate but the creamy texture and milky look are definitely a win for me!

I purchased this polish at a discount for around $4-6 I believe (can't remember the exact price) so I'm okay with the fact that it's not the perfect polish but I definitely wouldn't purchase this at full price. I'm a bit disappointed with the quality since I expected more due to the high quality of their CND Shellac line but oh well. The color is perfect for summer :)

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