Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dariya Oki Cosme Lip Treatment Review

How adorable is this packaging design?? 

I'm such a sucker for well packaged/designed goods and this Dariya Lip Treatment was no exception. The polka dot bow and teal, rose, and white color combination won be over in a seconds after spotting it at Mitsuwa marketplace a while back.

Who wouldn't want to be caught carrying this around in their purse? Haha.
Design makes it easy to dispense onto lips.
Unfortunately, my likening for the lip gloss itself did not live up to my intense likening for the design. The floral scent was difficult to ignore when on my lips and the tacky/sticky texture was a huge turn off. I really dislike tacky lip products because it makes my lips stick together and strands of hair stick to my lips. It's too bad. I still can't get over the cute design, hah. Onward to other lip balms! :)

Dariya Oki Cosme Lip Treatment
Price: ~$9
Pros: Adorable design
Cons: Texture and scent

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