Tuesday, February 28, 2012

JR Liggett Tea Tree and Hemp Oil Bar Shampoo Review

(This picture is of the bar cut up into sample sizes to give out to friends to try)
How... do you use this new Blogger??? I've been away for nine months and I feel like switching to Dynamic views broke my blog. :( This new blogger is slightly reminiscent of the new Gmail which I haven't converted to (yet). Hah. Anyway! Here to do a quick post on a bar shampoo, JR Liggett's Tea Tree and Hemp Oil Bar Shampoo.
The majority of the reviews I read online raved to no end about this product. I could only find one blog where the user ended up tossing the product due to the fact that it smelled like vomit whenever she blew dry her hair. Interesting. I decided to give it a try anyway. Here's my quick trial which only spanned three days (lol):
DAY 1:
It’s been a weird past few months for my head and back. I’ve gone through phases of scalp eczema/dandruff/itchiness (whatever you want to call it) and bacne (which I’ve only had once before when I used Tresemme for the first time). I’m tired of pretending it’s something I can deal with. 
I decided to do a run to Whole Foods the other day and grab some Giovanni shampoo and conditioner. It’s worked for me before when I was getting itchy scalp from Dove/whatever I was using at the time and bacne and grease-head from Tresemme. I’m not going to blame this on SLS or other chemicals cause I haven’t researched this enough. All I know is that those brands aren’t working for me as they used to and there needs to be a change.
Ooooh, Whole Foods was having a Giovanni product sale. Two products for $10. Shoot, I almost bought three sets but I ended up grabbing some Nature’s Gate Jojoba shampoo and conditioner cause it smelled so much like SO’s bar soap, which I lurve. Damn you fragrance. You get to me. Anyway, I then stumble upon a small bar of bar shampoo. Oh my gosh. It’s the JR Liggett Tea Tree and Hemp Oil bar shampoo I’ve been wanting to try FOREVER. I just never had the chance because no natural stores I’ve gone into stocked it and I didn’t want to pay online shipping for just one test bar. Yay, thanks Whole Foods!
So here’s to Day 1 of JR Liggett Bar Shampoo:
APPLICATION: It applies to my hair really easily. I just wet my hair all the way, run water over the bar, and then run the bar all over my head and hair. While I am massaging the soap into my hair, I notice that my hair feels sooooftttt and the suds form really well.
SMELL: The smell is NOT as tea tree-y as I had expected. More… hempy maybe. Not that I really remember what hemp smells like (have used a hemp hand lotion before).
RINSE: Upon rinsing my hair, oh my god. My hair SOUNDS squeeky. It FEELS squeeky/rubbery. That sound that you get when you’re wearing rubber gloves and they make that noise… I can’t explain. I was trying to get my fingers through my hair so I could scrub my scalp clean but I’m not sure if I was able to do that. It was just so stuck together, haha. So at this point, my hair definitely isn’t soft anymore as it was when sudsing up.
COMB: Combing time. I knew this wasn’t going to be a pretty sight hahaha. I was SO tempted to run over and grab some detangler (It’s a 10) and spray it all over. Resist! I resisted. Got through combing. At times you could see my head being pulled backward hah. Combed out a lot of hair but that’s normal no matter what I’m using on my head. My hair is drying as we speak and it doesn’t look toooo bad but we’ll see how tomorrow goes. 
Morning of Day 3:
You know those shampoo commercials where they say ”Do you have hair like THIS?” and show a girl who has the craziest Medusa-like hair they can find and then BAM. “WELL (X BRAND) CAN FIX THIS!” Actually now this sounds like an infomercial but you get the point.
That’s what I’ve looked like waking up for the past two mornings. Eesh. It used to be that my hair was only frizzy immediately after showering and while drying. Then it’d settle down a bit and look decent. With this new JR Liggett’s bar shampoo, my hair looks craaazy lol. Surprisingly, it’s not TOO weighed down.

Here's a view of my hair, in a ponytail, from the top. I guess you can't see much from this angle but it sure is FRIZZ-MANIA when it's not tied up and flattened.
Thoughts from Day 3:
1. Hair down: my hair is SO much frizzier than normal.
2. In a ponytail, it looks nicer than one I can usually put together. Maybe because the hair is so gunky-ish that it just sticks to my head.
3. My hair moves with ONE body. It’s like ONE animal. You sway to the right. IT sways to the right in one clump. Talk about sexy.
4. It FEELS gross. Running my hands through my hair feels like I’m getting all this crap on my hands and I always itch to wash my hands after so I just don’t even touch my hair anymore.
5. My newly cut bangs (from four days ago) are sitting really nicely across my forehead! Yay. One positive haha.
I refuse to leave my hair down when I leave for work right now. It would just look like I’m all frazzled out from something bad just having occurred in my personal life. And it’d probably attract more attention than me which is not what you want when you’re trying to get a point across during a meeting lol.
We’ll see. I’m uuuuber tempted to switch back to non-bar shampoo and conditioner right now. Oh yeah, I have ONLY been using this bar shampoo. No conditioner cause seriously, there is enough gunk in my hair right now from this soap. I don’t need to add extra conditioner. Here’s to hopefully a few more days… I feel the temptation. Hah.
Midway Through Day 3:
Okay. That’s it. I’m throwing in the towel. Waving the white flag. Just a pat of my head with one hand and I’m running to the bathroom to wash my hands because I can’t even WIPE the stuff off on my hands. lol! Gross. My scalp is tingly warm. That makes me wonder if I’m about to explode in seborrheic dermatitis. My head is starting to ever so slightly smell. I mean if it’s only halfway through the day and my head already stinks, imagine what it’s going to be like when I go to dinner with others, hug, and they’re OOH WHEE WHAT STINKS. "Me..." So my interim solution to cutting down on plastic is to cut own hair so that it's shorter and I use less shampoo and conditioner overall. Tada. Perhaps I’ll give this another go when I’m pregnant, at home, and can walk around with grease ball, frizz, and stinky head all day long. Till then, back to liquid shampoo. Phew. I don’t have to dread going home to soap up  my head with bar shampoo and tire out my arm muscles combing out my hair and ripping out a ton too. 

I'm sorry JR Liggett. I know my test trial only last 2.5 days but I really couldn't do it. It's not bouncy soft like reviewers are saying their hair is. It's REALLY hard to comb my hair.

Conclusion: It's not for me. :(


  1. Hello, I just wanna say that I really enjoy your blog and glad that you're back!! :)

  2. LOL. this is kinda late, but when you use a bar soap -and this stuff is a regular soap, no matter what their advertising claims- you have to do an acidic rinse so your hair doesn't go crazy(if you have hard water, it will be even more gunky feeling). A couple tablespoons of either apple cider vinegar (stinky) or lemon juice in a pint of warm water does the trick. Soap is alkaline, which causes the cuticle of the hair shaft to lift, hence the crazy frizz. I use Dr Bronners baby mild bar soap instead of a clarifying shampoo when I need to use something besides a co-wash, but I don't use any silicones in my hair; soap can't remove that stuff.

  3. Hi! I'm from Singapore would really like to know where you bought the J. liggetts shampoo bar from and the address? Wanting to try It out sooo badly!

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure where you can get this bar specifically in Singapore but if you're able to shop online, please try the following sites:
    1. http://www.jrliggett.com/index.html
    2. http://www.iherb.com/J-R-Liggett-s-Old-Fashioned-Bar-Shampoo-Damaged-Hair-Formula-3-5-oz-99-g/5822

    Thanks for visiting! :)


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