Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Papier Poudre vs Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Today, I have a review for two blotting sheet packs that I own: Papier Poudre and Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. :)

Papier Poudre

Cost: $3.65 for 65 sheets.

Ingredients: Talc (absorbent, anti-caking agent), Kaolin (absorbent qualities), Magnesium Silicate (absorbent, anti-caking agent), Titanium Dioxide (absorbs/reflects/scatters light aka mild sunscreen in product??), Iron Oxides (mineral pigment)
*Note* I've listed the ingredients for the current selling Papier Poudre sheets (those of which I do not own). I own the sheets with the old design on the packaging. For some reason, my packaging lists "Manesium Carbonate (absorbent qualities)" as an extra ingredient (which is not in the current Papier Poudre sheets).

Just fyi, this yellowy side of the blotting paper is not the powdered side. The pink side is the side you dab your skin with.

Packaging: Designed to look like a booklet of sheets, I originally thought this packaging was doomed. It's an open container so "something is bound to get in between the sheets and mess up the oil absorbing sheets," I thought. Interestingly enough though, I've been using this brand for about a year now and the container stays nice and solid even after throwing it around in my bag. Compared to other oil absorbing sheets I've used where you just pull out a sheet, with this one you have to tear the oil absorbing sheet off of the binding of the container. Nothing too difficult. I just always make sure to tear slowly so that I don't waste any of the paper.

Usage: I do wonder about how these work exactly though compared to other blotting sheets I've used like the popular Clean & Clear ones. When I use a Clean & Clear oil blotting sheet, it seems as if the oil on the skin is transfered over to the blue colored blotting sheet, making it become translucent. The Papier Poudre ones on the other hand, have a sheer layer of powder on top and although the pink paper does turn translucent after I use it, I wonder if it's simply because the powder has been applied to my skin? But I don't believe it's just that since the paper does begin to achieve that oil-filled look after heavy blotting. 

One thing to note about these sheets is that you don't want to over pat your face if you don't have a mirror on hand. Sometimes, when I continue to pat my face even though the sheet is clearly filled with oil, tiny specs of powder transfer over to my skin. Good to check your skin in the mirror having after used this blotting sheet (if you have a ton of oil) to make sure you don't have any specs on you. This has only happened to me twice in the past year.

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Cost: Around $5 USD for 50 (5 x 8 cm) sheets.

Ingredients: poplypropylene (plastic, didn't know that one was in there), mineral oil (moisturizing ingredient), dimethyldibenzylidene sorbitol (pulls water/oil? from skin?), ultramarines (synthetic pigment)

Packaging: I was never a fan of the design of Clean & Clear's oil absorbing sheets packaging. I've been using these since they came out when I was in my teens and the packaging hasn't changed since. It's made out of several layers of cardboard but for some reason, it just sucks at holding up it's shape and has always done well to smash itself flat in all of my backpacks and handbags. If you have a lot of junk in your bag, excess particles can get onto the Clean & Clear "peel off sticker" (which is there to help you remove an oil absorbing sheet from the container) and then it just becomes useless. Given, if you have some double sided tape lying around, you could probably use that as a fix but not everyone may have some.

Usage: Easy to use if you aren't having issues with the peel off sticker and can get a sheet out. Fun to use because you can see how oily you are as the sheets become more and more translucent. Sheets are good quality as they don't rip apart even after being filled with oil. I've had this happen with some really thin paper oil absorbing sheets I've used before.

In my opinion, Papier Poudre trumps Clean & Clear's oil absorbing sheets for the following five reasons:
1. Papier Poudre is made out of paper, not polypropylene (plastic) like Clean & Clear's oil absorbing sheets are.
2. Papier Poudre costs less and gives you more at $3.65 for 65 sheets compared to Clean & Clear's ~$5.00 for 50 sheets. Granted, the Clean & Clear ones are slightly larger but no biggie to me.
3. Papier Poudre not only removes oil from your face but also leaves a nice little dusting of powder on your skin, making it soft and silky to the touch. Clean & Clear only removes oil from your skin.
4. Papier Poudre comes in 3 different shades of powder to hopefully match your skin tone: White (extra light skin), Rachel (light skin), and Rose (medium to dark skin). I use Rose and it works great for me!
5. Papier Poudre smells great! Sorry, I don't know how to describe the scent.

Where to Buy:
Papier Poudre: Beauty Habit
Clean & Clear: Target, Walgreens, CVS


  1. Eek. I know I've tried Papier Poudre but can't remember what I thought of it. Thanks to your review, I know it's worth looking into again! =) Have you tried the Boscia Green Tea blotting papers? Those are BOMB.

    (LMAO! I hope I never have to crack bedsheets in the future too. XD

  2. I've seen papier poudre around before! sounds like a greta product.. I used oil-off sponges and I think that blocked my noses pores a lot >_< Now I'm suffering with it! It will take me wears to clear it all out (hence the red nose I'm sporting haha) anyway I've gone back to tissue these days as I fine it does the same job. If I see Papier Poudre I'll def check it out!

  3. You got the gloves? \o/

    Mine arrived a few days ago and I am liking them. They're actually more lightweight than I thought they would be which is good. =D

  4. Hey girlie! I got them in XS. There is a little bit of room left in my middle, ring, and pinky fingers however it fits perfectly over my thumb and index finger. (I've got short fingers too)

    I think ultimately that the fit test will tell you more accurately than the glove measurements they list.

    If your fingers are swimming in them, you may want to size down. But if it's just a little wiggle room (like in my case) and doesn't bother you, you may want to just keep it.

    Anyways, hope this helps! Let me know if you have any q's. =)

    Hope your weekend's going well.

  5. I have tried both before and they are no doubt really convenient to use. Which reminds me, I've sorta abandoned my Papier Poudre in the depths of my drawer...after reading your post though, I plan on using them again! :)

  6. i love your blog!! please keep on updatinggg =)
    also i really like your baking blog! could i have the recipe pretty please for the macarons?


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