Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Poor Experience With Circle Lenses :(

In August of 2010, I purchased two sets of prescription circle lenses from a supposedly very reputable seller. I paid $25.40 for one pair of Geo Nudy Brown and one pair of Geo Angel Brown. They confirmed my payment on 9/1/2010 (one day after I ordered the lenses) and stated that they would email me to confirm when the Pre-Order/Spree closed but they never did. I emailed them to inquire about it and they replied four days later that it had already closed.

My lenses don't arrive at my door till two months later. 
Damn. Talk about some slow ass shipping.

Geo Angel pictures:
The painful lenses.

Authenticity check.

My authentication code.

And it checks out! (Click for a larger image.)

WELL... Once I tried them on, I noticed that the Geo Angel lenses were EXTREMELY PAINFUL. I did the whole "Authenticate Your Lenses" deal and well, supposedly my lenses were real... but they sure as hell felt fake. I tried everything from inverting the lenses (though I knew that wouldn't work), soaking them in contact lens solution for a day, taking it out and putting it back in multiple times... but nothing worked. My eyes teared up intensely each time and I couldn't even open my eyes.

Geo Nudy pictures:
Different shades lol.

With the Geo Nudy's, the left contact lens went into my eye just fine but the right was a tad painful (hence the recent Kiss Me mascara review where I'm wearing one circle lens. Lol. After that review, I threw all of these circle lenses in to the garbage). Also, another weird thing about this set of Geo Nudy's was that they were different shades! What in the world??? Lol.

With this, I contacted the people who I purchased the lenses from and they said they would refund me a portion of my purchase. More than three months goes by and I see no refunds from them in my PayPal account. Good lord. So once again, I contact them and they refund me a portion (not half though) of my original payment. Phew. No more dealing with that seller. I won't be listing their name on my blog since they were kind enough to give me a partial refund but if any readers are curious to know for themselves, feel free to drop me an email.

Darn. I really wanted to like circle lenses too.


  1. I believe you should have pushed for a full refund (Having 2 different shades is just too weird). I've always felt a sting in my eye with new contacts so I soak them overnight in my lens solution prior to wearing.

    So many fakes nowadays. I believe I got fake ones cos they caused a growth under my eye =/

  2. Hey, did you finally get a good pair of circle contact lenses? I'm looking to buy some but I don't know which site to buy or not to buy from


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