Saturday, April 9, 2011

Koji Dolly Wink Volume Mascara by Tsubasa Mazusawa Review

If there is one makeup product I couldn't live without, hands down, it'd be mascara. And probably Japanese mascara at that since those are the only mascaras I've tried that can keep a curl! So here's my review of Koji Dolly Wink Volume Mascara by Tsubasa Mazusawa.

First off, my purchase was in no way influenced by the fact that Tsubasa was on the packaging since I know nothing about her. I just really like mascara... :)

Apparently, using this mascara will allow you to achieve a "Mannish Preppy Style." Huh...

I forget how much my tube was exactly but it was definitely over $20. I purchased it at a local Japanese grocer.

I like that the packaging includes a nice pamphlet with tips on how to apply the mascara!

A close-up of the instructions.

IMO, the design of the tube isn't that great. I know mascara doesn't usually come in anything but a plastic tube but this bottle could definitely have been designed a little better for the price. Just imo. Maybe I'm too used to Majolica Majorca's bottles. :)

The interesting thing about the wand is that it's tapered at the end! Perfect for applying mascara to your bottom lashes without accidently scrapping excess mascara onto your under eye area. How clever! 

Here is a picture of my bare lashes, curled:

And after! BAM. If you can't tell the biggest difference between the top lashes, take a look at those bottom lashes. Ooh whee~

I would definitely repurchase. Dolly Wink's Volume Mascara by Tsubasa Mazusawa is amazing! How could I expect any less from these fabulous Japanese mascaras, honestly. I love that upon application, the brush just glided along my lashes. I couldn't even feel the bristles on my lashes, only the mascara formula. It was so smooth. Odd to say but it was comfortable?

+ No flaking or smudging. Lasts all day!
+ Waterproof.
+ Holds curl really well!

- Pricey compared to comparable Japanese mascaras. I believe Majolica Majorca costs a tad less and it's my HG.

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  1. is dollywink mascara better than kissme heroine?!

    care to give me a short comparison?

    and i find majorlica scara is difficult to removeeeee

  2. Hi stellarvixen! Thanks for visiting my blog! Sure, I'll do a short comparison in a bit. :)

    I also initially found Majolica mascara difficult to remove but after discovering the correct eye makeup removers, found removal to be really easy! Painless and with minimal tugging against the skin. I'd recommend Sonia Kashuk's Remove (available at Target), Mandom Express Eye Makeup Remover, or Mary Kay's Eye Makeup Remover (in a pink bottle).

  3. Hi Lora, I'm just wondering, which majolica majorca that you use?

  4. It sure looks great on your lashes~ I love Dolly Wink packaging!

  5. koji makes the best mascaraaa! they really make the lashes longer,curler and separated...moreover no stupid flakies attached...nice review btw :)


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