Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laneige White Plus Renew Skin Care Line Review

Finally! My review for Laneige's White Plus Renew skin care line is here! I had been wanting to try Laneige's White Plus Renew line for the longest time but my local Amore stores were taking forever in stocking the new line. I haven't been to the Amore stores for a while but last I checked, they were still stocking Laneige's previous Star White line. I was really hopeful about this line since their Star White line had worked so well for me but alas, it just isn't faring that well on my currently very dry skin.

A little update on my current skin for the sake of this review: I've been able to test Laneige's White Plus Renew line more consistently lately since my skin has been a lot more calm lately. Calm as in not sensitive. The weather in Northern California has been ridiculously up and down lately though so my skin has been feeling very tight more often than usual. These are signs of dryness but I will state that I do not show any physical signs of dryness on my face, I can just feel the tightness.

Onward to the review!

  Laneige White Plus Renew Skin Refiner Size: 120ml
Cost: $25 on
How To Use: For your morning and evening skin care, at skin refiner stage, take appropriate amount onto a cotton pad and lightly apply it in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, lip area, and neck as lightly wiping out from inside to outside.


My Thoughts: 
From when I first started using it: The texture is more like that of a serum than refiner/toner. It's not very watery but almost jelly like when it comes out of the bottle. I wonder why Laneige didn't incorporate a pump into the design of the Skin Refiner bottle like they did with the Essence. I have to shake the glass bottle quite a bit to get out enough product to cover my face and neck which can lead to a tired arm. Thankfully, 4-5 drops will suffice. You can smell the Satsuma in the product. It smells really nice. :) Application with a square cotton pad was a bit difficult and seems a bit wasteful to me so I most often like to apply this refiner with my bare hands instead.

From recent uses:
Originally, I was frustrated with how difficult it was to shake the product out of the bottle but after a few uses, it became significantly easier. Now it's just a matter of not shaking too hard so as to not get out an excess of product. I like the refreshing and moisturizing effect I get after using this refiner. I can go for quite a while before I feel a tightness in my skin and remember I need to apply the next step.

Laneige White Plus Renew Emulsion SPF15 Size: 120ml
Cost: $27 on
How To Use: For the morning skin care, at the final stage of skin care, take appropriate amount (1.8 cm in diameter/0.4 ml) and lightly apply it in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, lip area, and neck from inside to outside.


My Thoughts: I just have to be honest: this is my least favorite of the entire line (what I own of it) because it makes me ridiculously shiny. :( My face looks like how one might look in a really humid and hot area: moist all over, super shiny, and presumably sticky. Aside from that, the emulsion smells really nice like most other Laneige products I've tried and absorbs quickly into the skin.

White Plus Renew Essence Size: 40ml
Cost: $40 on
How to Use: For the morning and evening skin care, at the essence stage, pump two times (1cm in diameter/0.4 ml) and lightly apply it in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, lip area, and neck. Lightly press the palms down onto the face for the better absorption.


My Thoughts: Two pumps are just enough to cover my face and neck. Don't rub your hands together too much or the product will quickly evaporate. Applying this serum after having applied the refiner, my skin feels extra nice and moisturized.

White Plus Renew Night Cream Size: 50ml
Cost: $40 on
How to Use: For the evening skin care, at the cream stage, take appropriate amount (1cm in diameter/0.4 ml) and lightly apply it in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, lip area, and neck from inside to outside. And then lightly press the palms down onto the face for the better absorption.


My Thoughts: 
From when I first started using it: The first thing I noticed was how thick it was compared to Laneige's Star White Cream which I've previously used. I scooped out a bit too much the first time, double the amount I actually needed. A little goes a long way with this product which is nice since it's one of the costlier items of the line. The consistency of the cream is silky/watery to me. I really like how it feels. Absorbs extremely well after a bit of patting on. I imagine this might be a bit too rich for those with oily skin types though. The morning after I tried the White Plus Renew Night Cream, I noticed one small milia bump under my left eye. I don't know if it's because of this cream or not but I'm not going to risk it so I'll keep this product away from my eyes. Instead, I'll use my CeraVe Cream to moisturize around my eye area as usual. Similar to the Refiner, you can smell the Satsuma. I love going to bed smelling like Laneige. :)

Recent uses in strange cold, dry weather: I can apply a nice amount of this White Plus Renew Cream all over my face and when I wake up the next morning, I can still feel a tightness around my eye area. Yes, I continued application of this cream around my eye area and have not broken out in any milia whatsoever. With that said, I suppose I won't be suggesting use of this cream for those with very dry, thirsty skin.

Overall White Plus Renew Skin Care Line Thoughts:
- Line is much richer than their previous Star White line.
- Although, it's still not moisturizing enough for very cold/dry days for those with dry skin.
- Did not irritate my skin. Didn't clog pores.
- Imo, has a really nice scent but it may be overwhelming to some.
- Gorgeous, gorgeous packaging design as always.
- The Night Cream comes with a nice little spoon for sanitary reasons. Love it!
- Unfortunately, didn't see noticeable enough brightening/whitening results for me to warrant a future repurchase.

For those of you who want to try out the line:
The Eve Care


  1. wow great review! really happy i was able to find your blog. Ive always been so curious about asian skin care products, and i see you've already reviewed a few of them on your blog! followed! xoxo

  2. Kaybee89: Thanks!! :) Hope you find these reviews helpful!

  3. Thanks for the review, it's very informative ^-^ I'm trying to decide between Laneige whitening line or Shiseido's

  4. @Gloria Thanks!! I've tried Shiseido's White Lucent line before and didn't really see a difference. It smelled great and was definitely very moisturizing though!

  5. would you recommend the star white cream or w+r cream for maximized whitening/brightening?
    the amore store in my area still supplies the star white line so its available to me.

  6. Hi Anonymous!

    From my experience, I'd recommend their Star White Cream. I saw better results with that Laneige line. :)

  7. Hi! I bought this products as 1 package when I travelled to Korea. However, i have forgotten how to apply those & which one should I apply first & which should be next. I'm soo glad that you made a blog about these product! Very helpful! Cheers :)

  8. Hi! I stumbled upon this post because I got samples of the night eye serum and the refiner for this line and I wanted to see what other people thought. Did you try their night eye serum? I didn't really find any improvements in my fine lines and dark circles after about a week of consistent use. Great review! I'll be checking out your other posts :)


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