Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To readers:

My apologies for having disappeared off the face of Skin So Deep! It's been a really busy past few months. I hope I can start blogging again sometime in the near future. I have 12+ pending reviews on my desktop so know there's definite blogging material left in me. :) Hope to see you all soon. :)

In reply to the anonymous reader who left a comment asking about my experience with Lanegie's White Plus Renew line:
Because of my on and off issues with skin sensitivity, I haven't had the chance to use Laneige's line consecutively for two weeks yet so I can't give you a good verdict on the line right now. The scent of the line is very similar to their previous Star White line. One thing I don't quite like about the White Plus Renew line is that it's not very moisturizing for my skin type (dry-normal, no flakiness or signs of dryness though. My skin just feels thirsty often if not moisturized enough). At night, I can apply White Plus Renew refiner, serum, and cream and still wake up in the morning with tight skin. Not cool, imo. I haven't noticed any signs of real whitening but again, I emphasize that I haven't had the chance to use the products consecutively yet.


Constructive criticism is deeply appreciated. ♥