Saturday, December 4, 2010

Small Clothes & Accessories Sale

Hi everyone!

I have a little clothes & accessories sale going on at my sale blog if anyone would like to take a peak. :)

Brands include: Banana Republic petite, Artizia, Coach, & Forever21.

Come have a look-see. :)


  1. Size XXS?! If only I were that teeny tiny. XP Good luck on your sale, babe! :D

  2. P.S No way! Haha...great minds think alike XD

  3. Thanks, girlie! Go red or go home is what I say. :P

  4. Lora, where are you?? Hope all is well. <3

  5. LORA! Hey, I hear ya. Life happens. Great to hear things are good. One of my fave cities? Girl, more like a SECOND! (Or at least I wish XP) So you liked the Earl place huh? You're the second girl to tell me this. I'm convinced now that we went at a bad time and/or ordered the wrong thing. =( Anyways, yeah feel free to hit me up via email if you want: shopnchomp at gmail dot com =)

  6. How are you, girlie? :D Thanks for taking the time to go through my posts. <3 Hope you are well.


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