Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gradient Nail Tutorial & Hello Kitty NOTD

(Click on pictures for larger image. Blogger shrinks my pictures down for some reason).

It's been a while since I've blogged but I'm back with a Gradient Nail Tutorial! I posted a similar tutorial on my old blog but do not have a copy of it to post here for some reason. For this tutorial, I decided to do the tutorial on fake nails since my natural nails aren't long enough. Plus I have cruddy cuticles. This was my first time working with fake nails so excuse the butchered nail. I tried to trim and file without any prior knowledge of how-to.

Onwards to the tutorial! My apologies for the blurry/off pictures. I'm using a new camera that I haven't used before.

Apply a coat of dark pink (or any other color) to the tip of your nails. Here I used Zoya Kate.

Apply a sheer coat of pink (or other color) to the majority of the nail, leaving a bit of white space near your nail bed.

Apply another layer of this sheer pink a little above the previous line. You're slowly creating a gradient.

Continue adding more layers of the sheer polish while slowly moving upwards towards the solid color that you originally applied.

Here I applied PA Nail Color in A116 across the top of the nail:

Then I applied PA Nail Color Premier Lame Grande in AA07 across the entire nail. Apply top coat and then you're finished!:

Thank you, T, for getting me a bunch of nail decals from her recent trip to Asia! :D

Does any one have recommendations on colors to use under nail decals? I have flowers, Disney princesses (YES!), Hello Kitty, and others. I was thinking a nude color but I don't know..

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