Monday, September 13, 2010

EOTD/FOTD & The Saturn Necklace Shop

Biteki Dec 2009
Tried to follow the instructions for this eye tutorial last week. It's from Biteki magazine, December 2009. I don't have any shade close to the orangey eye shadow used here (and in a lot of Japanese eye tutorials actually) so of course, I wasn't close as I'd like.

9-7 FOTD 01

9-7 FOTD 02
This EOTD was done before I had my handy dandy Kai Mascara Guard so you can see a swipe on my eyelid there.

9-7 FOTD 03
I like the one strand of hair that's sticking out of the top off my head like an antenna. Lolol.

And a shameless plug:
The necklace I'm wearing is Hana Yori Dango's saturn necklace in emerald.


  1. this must be the first time ive seen your face! You are very pretty <33

    I envy your super long lashes!!

    love this look too, it looks very simple to do too.. i have similar colours I'm going to have to try this sometime :D

    cute necklace too!

  2. I love the eye make up! Great job. =)



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