Monday, September 6, 2010

Contemplating a Digital Perm

I've been contemplating a digital perm for a while now. But I'm really torn since the results I've found online vastly differ from person to person and salon to salon.

Here are the general magazine images I get when I google "digital perm":
I highly doubt these are actually digital perms though...

They look more like they've been curled with curling irons. I mean, shoot, if this was what the outcome of a digital perm was 100% going to look like, I'd totally jump on that band wagon like no tomorrow!

Here are some real digital perms that resulted in nice wavy curls:

I remember when I came upon this picture, the girl did say she had to style this a bit with some water and perhaps some wax or texturizer.

This is the same girl as above but unstyled.

A digital perm done in Korea.

This picture wasn't confirmed that it was for sure a digital perm. But I guess I wouldn't mind if my digital perm turned out like this. :)

Real digital perm results that I'd rather not have? Really small spiral ones:

I think the curls are a little too high up for my preference.

I think I've read just about every take on digital perms there is currently out there and I'm still torn. Has anyone gotten a digital perm before? Information and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

*Note about images* I found these scattered all over the internet a while back. I was only saving them for personal purposes so I didn't think to save the original location information. If anyone knows where these images are from, please let me know so I can give credit where it belongs.


  1. it's my first time on your blog, and it's already been so useful! will definitely keep checking back.

  2. @BenchesandChandeliers Thank you!! :D

  3. Lora, what happened to your "Comments" link in your most recent posts? They've disappeared! I wanted to tell you what a hottie you were. :D

    About Maggie Q, she dated Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu years ago and the breakup was supposedly not amicable. So, I was thinking "Hmmm...was that a subliminal message?" Hehe.

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