Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soapalaya Soaps Powder Puffs

A while back, I stumbled upon SoapalayaSoaps thanks to Catherine of Strawberry Mochi. I ordered a few blended soaps from Soapalaya and fell in love. My favorite scent from the shop is Basmati Rice. I love showering with it because it fills the entire room and surrounding area with such a luxurious scent. It's to die for, seriously. I couldn't wait for Alex (of Soapalaya) to release a perfume version one day. Thankfully, she has now! I'm definitely going to be purchasing a Basmati Rice version for myself asap! I'm so excited! :D

Anyway, what I really wanted to blog about was her beautifully handcrafted powder puffs. Aren't they gorgeous??

Here is her Elegant Cream Moire Satin Powder Puff with Pearls set. I think it's so cute and dainty. I love the touch of pearls in the center.

Love the big ribbon on this Square Taffeta set.

I imagine my friend T would "la-la-love" this one, as she always says. It kind of reminds me of Minnie Mouse. Haha.

Isn't the fabric on this one just lovely?

Does anyone use powder puffs or dusting powder? What is the main function behind these? Is it like a powder version of perfume, sort of? I was trying to figure these things out so that I could find a reason to buy one, if not simply for the gorgeous-ness. :)

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