Friday, August 13, 2010

Lux Super Rich Shine Review

While browsing the grocery store the other day, I came upon a Lux Super Rich Shine shampoo & conditioner set. For the price of roughly $23, it also came with a sample of what I assume to be their Lux Super Rich Shine Essence/Liquid! I can't tell for sure which it is because my reading and writing Japanese skills are still only basic but they do have two listed on their website:

* High serum hyaluronan penetrated the essence of formulation types of hair.
Accustomed to slip hair with hair damaged Pasa
Ikiwatari deep, firmly lock moisture.
It continued all day and finished rambling light
Hair full of luster to the hair.
A gorgeous fresh fragrance of Passhonfuroraru
* Moisture

Essence Oil moisturizing beauty * beauty ** a gloss of moisture
Hair serum containing a combination of oil type very nice addition.
Penetrates deeply into damaged hair loses shine,
Hair care inside and outside.
Would be the hair ends up with Pasa
Unity smooth and full of hair shine.
A gorgeous fresh fragrance of Passhonfuroraru
* Moisture: squalane
** Gloss ingredients: Fenirutorimechikon, dimethicone

I've been wanting to try Lux for a while now since their Super Damage Repair line seems to be very highly rated. I've tried both of Shiseido Tsubaki's lines: Shining and Damage and neither seemed to have any affect upon my hair. Maybe my hair doesn't suffer from damage or lack of luster. It seriously needs help with frizzy-ness though. (If anyone has any recommendations on what to do about frizzy-ness, please do share. :D)

Here is my hair after ~2 weeks of using Lux Super Rich Shine Shampoo & Conditioner. Apologies about not having an original hair comparison picture. For reference though, I'll briefly mention the normal state of my hair: I color it once or twice (max) a year and hardly ever curl or straighten it. It is naturally slightly wavy. I don't usually put any product besides serum to treat frizzy-ness. I don't do much with my hair in general. I don't really know how. Haha.

Honestly though, I can't tell if anything new has happened to my hair. No real difference in shine. My hair definitely does not look as shiny as Catherine Zeta-Jones' hair does in the 7 minute mini-film Lux made to promote their product last year (embedded below). With the Lux conditioner, my hair doesn't feel any more smooth than it might if I were using my normal Dove Damage Therapy conditioner. Actually, I think Dove might make my hair feel a little smoother, at least while I'm running it through water.

Here is a picture after having applied the Lux Super Rich Shine Essence/Serum. Adds a little definition to my hair. Or maybe... it's just oil. Doesn't help with frizzy-ness for sure. I currently turn to my other hair serums for that. This Lux Essence/Serum smells sooooooo good though. I must admit. The scent stays on my hair a lot longer than the Lux Shampoo & Conditioner do. Mmm...

For now, I probably wouldn't repurchase anything from the Lux Super Rich Shine line. I'll have to try their Super Damage Repair line next time. Although I'm kind of losing hope here! I've tried quite a few different Japanese brands and still haven't found that magical one. And I do believe there is a magical one. I stayed at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu once and my goodness. I wish I knew what they put into their shampoo and conditioner bottles because my hair was MAGICAL, I tell you! That was the nicest my hair has ever been. I even emailed them asking for their shampoo and conditioner but never got a reply. :/ Bummer.

Hhere's Lux's mini-film staring Catherine Zeta-Jones:

(Is there a way to make this video smaller?)

And to end my post, a beautiful looking pastry from a tasty bakery:

Happy Friday!

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