Friday, August 27, 2010

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer Review

I had a random urge one day to try these out. It was probably during my Burt's Bees infatuation phase. I don't even like shimmer on my lips. At around $5 per Lip Shimmer, I thought, "Why not?" I purchased 3 colors: Rhubarb, Champagne, and Guava. Rhubarb was the only one I really liked out of the three.

Description from site: A kiss of color and pearlized shine perk up our world famous 100% natural lip balm, while natural ingredients like vitamin E and coconut and sunflower oils moisturize and soothe your lips. Choose from 11 yummy, all natural shades: Champagne, Raisin, Merlot, Rhubarb, Watermelon, Nutmeg, Fig, Cocoa, Toffee, Guava and Papaya.

Bare lips, without anything on.

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb applied. What a sweet color! The more you layer it, the darker it gets.

I didn't really like how the Guava shade looked on my lips. It's a pale purple with lots of shimmer and when applied, made me look like my lips had lost circulation. Definitely not my color.

Way to shimmery for me. But I'm sure there are some out there who just love their shimmer. I remember that in either Guava or Champagne, the glitter was kind of chunky actually.

Pros of Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers
+ Minty, tingy feeling
+ Moisturizing
+ Very pigmented

- Too shimmery/glittery sometimes (not a fan of frost)

Would I repurchase. Sure, but probably in a new color since they have such a nice little range. I'd like to try the Watermelon color if I could find it.



  1. Hey I m from Germany and love Burts Bees products soo much. The thing is that here I don`t find Online Shops. Even after googleling I found only one Shop: Burt's Bees Shop Deutschland. They have a good selection but unfortunately not everything I m used to have. If you know more I would like to know them

  2. Hi Anonymous! is one place I know of that stocks Burts Bees products and that also ships internationally. Check out their international site here:

    I couldn't find any other places right now. Hope that helps! Thank you for visiting. :)


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