Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Remove Eye Makeup Remover Review

This, ladies and gents, is my HG eye makeup remover. Sonia Kashuk's Remove. It is amazing. I have tried quite a few popular products to try and remove those hardcore Japanese mascaras (specifically speaking, Fasio & Majolica Majorca (my favorite!)) but have usually managed to take off more eyelashes from my eyes than mascara from my eyelashes themselves. :( But Sonia Kashuk's Remove is such a winner~!

Makeup removers I've tried that have failed to take off Fasio & Majolica Majorca well:
1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil: Left me with some light raccoon eyes even though it's supposed to be able to wash everything off. Also dried my skin out.
2. Philosophy Purity: Didn't take off my mascara at all. Also, my skin just had the worst reaction ever to this product. Breakout galore!
3. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Premium A/I: Took me 20 minutes soaking my eyelid with this product before most of my mascara came off. Even then, it wasn't all off. Too time consuming.
4. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Premium A/O: I just wanted to try one more time! But was left with the same results.
5. Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover: Nope. Lost many eyelashes in the process.
6. Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover: Nope.
7. Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent: Nope.
8. Andrea Eye Q's Eye Makeup Remover Gel: Didn't even remove anything.

One I haven't tried and wanted to was Lancome's Bi-Facil which has good reviews with users of Majolica Majorca.

Soaked cotton pad.

This is after soaking my eye for simply a few seconds!

The end result.

Before and after. Sorry the bottom picture isn't very clear!

I'd super recommend this to anyone who's looking for a new, inexpensive eye makeup remover! It costs around $11 at Target. When I originally purchased it, my bottle was the last one on the shelf so it might be hot stuff! Need a CP? Let me know. :)

My fail of the day: I opened my bottle of Sonia Kashuk Remove to take off my eye makeup but remembered that I should take off my contacts first. So I did. Then I reached over for my bottle of "contact lens cleaner" and accidentally over-poured a ton of Sonia Kashuk Remove into my contact lens case. Now I have like 1/4th left. Haha!

I purchased Nivea's A Kiss of Flavor in Passion Fruit the other day. I really like it!! It tints my lips a shade of red I haven't tried before and it smells so good. Mmmm. I don't like the fact that it looks like it's leaking out of the bottom of the tube though. Nivea, you might want to do something about that!

I purchased a new top coat recently. I LOVE IT. I had never heard of the brand, Creative Nail Design (CND) before this but I'm so soldddd. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a review soon.

Speaking of nail polish, I have been trying to figure out how to organize my nail polish collection. It's not very large but still, I am running out of "space" for my growing collection. I currently house my collection in a pink plastic basket but I'm trying to think of new ideas for how to display them. Throw some at me if you have any.

A big thank you to B for the Laneige samples!!!! You are so sweet! I'm so excited to try them out :)))) Congrats and good luck with the internship!!! :D

Does anyone know what these samples say, though? I can't read Korean and don't know how to use them or what they are. Hehe.

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