Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nail Tek II: Intensive Therapy Review

T's mom purchased this for me when I told her that my nails bend easily and are weak. When I tried using it for a little over a week (put on a new coat each day), oh my goodness, I don't think my nails had ever been so nice looking! I received plenty of compliments inquiring about whether or not I had fake nails on! Whaaat. Sweet. :) Would totally recommend this product if you're having issues with flimsy nails or nails that break easily.

I also use my Nail Tek polish as a base/top coat whenever I've run out of my normal base/top coats.

Note: I like to boulder/rock climb and here is a test of Nail Tek acting as a top coat:

Left hand has a top coat of Nail Tek and right hand does not. After a few hours of climbing, this was the damage. I was amaaazed at how fairly good the left hand still looked! Please excuse the naasty right hand cuticles.

I slipped while climbing and got this scab in the process. I wonder if it'll be come a scar?

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