Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Experience With Whitening Products

When I first began using whitening products, I was using them only for the sake of whitening my farmer's tan because my arms were the darkest part of my body. My face and my arms were (and still are) so many shades apart. I just wanted to try and correct that.

1st attempt: Likas Whitening Soap
Likas Whitening Soap is an herbal soap consisting of papaya enzymes blended with tropical herbs. I only used it while in the shower, lathering it on my arms and giving it some time to absorb. All I remember about this product was that I was dripping orange all over my shower. Did it work? I didn't see anything significant.

2nd attempt: Silka Papaya Whitening Lotion
This is a lotion with natural papaya extract as it's main whitening ingredient. I just remember that it smelled really good. I didn't notice any whitening effects while using this product.

3rd attempt: Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap
The main whitening ingredient is kojic acid. I imagined the "acid" would burn but it didnt. I cannot remember anything about the smell and do not remember it working to whiten my arms.

4th attempt: Godiva Skincare LicoWhite Skin Brightening Cream
Main whitening ingredient is licorice extract. This cream was the weirdest to me out of all the whitening products I've tried. It had a super weird pasty consistency and felt exactly like a glue stick and smelled to high heaven of it too! Didn't even try to finish using the tube before tossing it because of the smell and texture.

5th attempt: Nivea Body Night Whitening Milk
Main whitening ingredients are white bioactive and vitamin e. This products smelled really good and did a fair job of moisturizing. No noticeable whitening results.

6th attempt: Paul & Joe Whitening Serum
This serum smells faintly of citrus. I used it on my face and arms on and off for a few months. It did not seem to whiten my face or arms. I must admit, Jamilla of Makeup for Professional Asian Women had great results with this product!

7th attempt: Laneige Star White Cream
This cream has a really nice scent. I used it for about two weeks on my face and saw a significant difference in the lightening of my face. I immediately stopped using it on face and switched to my arms. Still using it on arms and will post results if possible.

Does anyone have recommendations as to other whitening products I should give a try? I'm always down to try new products. :)

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