Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jueki Sheet Review

My grandpa recently gave me a box of Jueki Sheets. I have seen these around before but never bought them because I don't really understand how they would work. Well, now I had the chance to try them out for fun!


Don't do what I did and smell the pouch when you take it out of the plastic bag. It stung/burned my nose to high heaven!

Chopsticks NY has a good review on the product and how to use it.

An excerpt from them on how to use the product: "There are two sides to the pouch – one porous, one not. You stick the non-porous face of the pouch to the sticky side of an adhesive strip, and then you stick it to the soles of your feet (‘Ashiura’) – essentially sandwiching the porous face of the pouch between your foot and the adhesive. Stick the sheet on before going to bed, and leave it on overnight – the product claims to absorb and trap the toxins flowing through your body, turning the sheet brown by the morning."

On my foot!

When I peeled off the Jueki Sheet the next day, it was rock hard and dark colored.

I don't really know how you're supposed to measure whether or not this product is working. The area where the pouch was placed was definitely very dry after I removed the pouch. I didn't feel any different physically... Just dry on my arch. Hah. Want to try this? Drop me a line.

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