Friday, June 25, 2010

The Face Shop Peeling Day Water In Pomegranate Review

Thank you to T, who got The Face Shop's Peeling Day Water In Pomegranate for me a while back!! She knows I love trying new skin care products! :)

Description: A gel-type scrub packed with tiny exfoliants gently slough off dead and complexion dulling skin cells to reveal fresh and clear skin. Rich moisture beads burst open when massaged on skin to keep skin hydrated. Pomegranate helps skin stay radiant and dewy. Use once a week to complement your skin care routine. Recommended for dry and sensitive skin types. By The Face Shop.

You really only need so much to cover and exfoliate your entire face. I think this tube is going to last me foreverrrrr.

Sometimes I wonder if all this stuff coming off of my face is really dead skin or just product. 99% of me thinks it's product. Still! The product is a fun one.

My skin feels very normal after using this product. My sensitive skin does not experience any reactions, dryness, or tightness. I like this product because I generally like peeling products but I probably won't be repurchasing since this bottle is going to last me so long and I know that by that time, I'll want to try a new peeling product from another brand. Innisfree's Wine Peeling Softener is still my #1. :)

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  1. OOOHHHH face shop :D I have a question!! I'm using the pore tightening toner from The Face Shop. It has powder in it... does this increase chances of blocked pores?



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