Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boots Skin Care Review

Boots Cleansing Milk

Purchased this the other day cause I needed a new face wash and loved the one product from Boots that I've tried before (Vanishing Day Cream, scroll down for info).

The product has a faint rose scent; i'm not usually one for rose scented products but I could do with this one. The product washed off easily, made my skin feel very soft, and did not irritate it at all.

As much as I do love the glass packaging of Boots Original line, I have a feeling it's going to be difficult to get this product out when I'm near finished with the bottle. For that reason, I probably wouldn't repurchase.

Cost: $7.99 at

Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner

I don't usually use toners and bought this Boots toner more on a whim than anything else. I've just been using it randomly: before I take off my makeup, after I wash my face, or as a quick "cleanse" during the day when I feel my face becoming oily.

It doesn't seem to do anything special or bad to my sensitive skin. I wouldn't repurchase again because I do not normally use toner.

Cost: $3.99 at

Boots Vanishing Day Cream
Note: these are pictures from my old blog.

Now this, this I would totally repurchase again and again for what it did to my skin last summer. Even during the hottest days, I was matte like nobody's business!

It's not at all greasy and absorbs so well into my skin.

I'd definitely buy this again!

Cost: $12.99 at

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