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Skinfood Sweet Chocolate Foam Review

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Skinfood Sweet Chocolat Foam Review
Skinfood is a South Korean cosmetics and skincare brand well-known for their use of natural ingredients. Their logo is of a guardian angel representing the purity and goodness of their products. I discovered this brand during my fascination with bb cream a while back because Skinfood’s bb creams are really popular. Here’s my review on their Sweet Chocolat Foam (that’s how it’s spelled on the bottle):

The description on the Skinfood website states:
A foam cleanser containing chocolate powder. Its rich foam and grains cleanse skin, leaving it smooth and moist.
Particularly good for skin lacking resilience or in need of exfoliation.
Skinfood’s Sweet Chocolat Foam comes in a clear 130 mL bottle. The cleanser looks thick and goopy but it’s easy to spread across your face and lather up if you add a tiny bit of water. It doesn’t exactly foam up with big bubbles but it does lather up well. The product smells quite a bit like chocolate but it’s not that strong in my opinion. I love that the cleanser has tiny bits of chocolate in it because they act to gently exfoliate my skin.

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I didn’t use this product everyday but one bottle was able to last me around three months.

My Thoughts
After each sweet chocolat foam use, my skin and hands are always super soft! I really like that the chocolate smell isn’t overpowering and is more of a light chocolate scent. This chocolate cleanser doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin (though you may want to do a skin test first if you have really sensitive skin because everyone reacts differently to different ingredients) and leaves it feeling really soft and looking fresh. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or stripped of its natural oils. I’m definitely looking forward to trying more Skinfood cleansers!

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