Friday, January 1, 2010

Sara Happ The Lip Slip Review

I’ve been eyeing Sara Happ’s The Lip Slip for a while now and when BeautyHabit released a December promotional code for 20% off all orders, I gladly put in my first order! Everything arrived within two weeks of the date of order and in two separate parcels since The Lip Slip has been on backorder.

From A lip balm like no other, the lip slip leaves no color, just the richest, glossiest hydration imaginable. After exfoliating with The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ®, smooth a generous amount of this luxe balm onto lips. Let the hydration begin. Made with crushed pearl & infused with sweet almond, jojoba & macadamia nut oils.

The Lip Slip definitely deserves recognition for its super cute packaging! I love how the gold box is topped with a cute white ribbon bow. I need to find a use for this adorable box. The Lip Slip comes in a large 0.5 oz plastic jar. It is very thick, sticky, and emollient. Upon opening and sniffing the balm, I immediately thought of candles. I asked T for her opinion and she thought that it smelled like her grandma. The Lip Slip is a pale pink shade in the jar but is actually clear with a hint of shimmer upon application.

$24 for 0.5 oz
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I’ve been using The Lip Slip here and there whenever I feel like my lips need a pick me up. I don’t have dry lips so I can’t state what it’ll do for those with extremely chapped lips but I can definitely say that it is very long lasting. I was drinking something and even after putting my lips to the cup four times, I could still feel The Lip Slip on my lips! Amaaaazing! This balm is going to last me forever. Seriously. It’s huge. It’s plentiful. And since it is super emollient, a little will go such a long way.

I dropped it and it already cracked. :/

My Thoughts
I don’t really like the smell or the fact that the texture is super sticky but everything else about the balm is so luxurious that I just can’t dislike it. I love the packaging and I like that the balm is capable of sitting on my lips for forever. I wake up in the morning after submerging my lips in The Lip Slip before bed and my lips are still super moisturized. What a sweet balm! I would recommend it if someone is looking for a lip splurge but the smell can be quite deterring, in my opinion. That’s just me though.

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