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Philosophy Handmade Review

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Philosophy Handmade (Lemon Custard Hand Cream) Review

Philosophy: create with your hands, heal with your hands, touch with your hands, work with your hands, extend your hands and pray with your hands.

The only things I’ve ever tried from Philosophy were a handful of their lip glosses which I usually love so I was thrilled when I received this from my friend, M, as a birthday gift. Thanks M!!!

The Handmade I received came in a translucent screw top 4 oz container. The design is simple and cute as most Philosophy designs are. I wasn’t really expecting to like the lemon scent though since I usually associate lemon scents with kitchen/bathroom cleaners but it was surprisingly pleasant! The white cream has a whipped texture, which I really like because I’ve never had anything like this before. It’s a good thing that Handmade also comes in a small 1 oz tube because I’d love to have it available to travel with me but this 4 oz tube is just way too big to carry around! Haha.

$10 for 1 oz on
4 oz cost unknown.

I usually use Handmade after washing my hands or right after showers. My hands are always left feeling very moisturized and soft. A little goes a long way so this 4 oz jar is definitely going to last me a while. As I’m rubbing the cream in, it turns watery before completely absorbing into my skin.

My Thoughts
Even though Handmade doesn’t seem to do anything spectacular for my skin, I’d still recommend it for its lavish whipped texture. It stands up to its claim by moisturizing and softening my hands well without leaving behind a greasy after-feel. For now, I don’t plan on repurchasing only because there are just so many other hand creams out there that I want to try.

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