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Nexcare Acne Dressing/Patch Review

Nexcare Acne Dressing/Patch Review

Nexcare Acne patches are hydrocolloid dressings cut down to fit around your pimples. According to When To Use Hydrocolloid Dressings by Cathy Thomas Hess:

“Hydrocolloid dressings consist of absorptive ingredients (typically carboxymethylcellulose, pectin, or gelatin). Like hydrogels, hydrocolloids can absorb minimal to moderate amounts of drainage. They can be used for partial- or full-thickness acute and chronic wounds. Some sheet hydrocolloids are opaque, making wound assessment difficult; others are translucent or transparent.

Because they are occlusive, hydrocolloid dressings do not allow water, oxygen, or bacteria into the wound. This may help facilitate angiogenesis and granulation. Hydrocolloids also cause the pH of the wound surface to drop; the acidic environment can inhibit bacteria growth.”

Sounds like a good idea for a pimple to me! I’m glad I bought this product and that it works so well because I often get itchy to pick at my pimples whenever I get one. I know I shouldn’t but I still do. Read on for my review.
Warning: pimple picture ahead.

Nexcare Acne Patches come in three different sizes: 18 pieces, 28 pieces, and 36 pieces. The 18 and 26 pieces box consists of circles of two different diameters. The 28 pieces box has 14 star and 14 heart shaped patches each.

I purchased the box with 36 pieces. I really liked that the acne patches were sealed off in a sterile packet because it felt like the product was clean and safe to use. The patches are translucent, skin colored circles of two different diameters. There are 24 small (8mm) ones and 12 large (12 mm).

18 pieces $3.30
28 cute shape piece (hearts & stars) $4.50
36 pieces $4.80

Before you apply the acne patch, you have to cleanse the pimple and the surrounding area. After you place the patch on, you have to press it lightly around the edges so that it can adhere to your skin.

1. 8:00PM night before
2. With Nexcare Acne Patch on
3. 10:00AM the morning after

It says that you can use it under makeup but I highly doubt that. Mine was very noticeable, especially since it was stuck in the middle of my forehead between my brows.

I put mine on in the evening, a little before going to bed, and let it sit overnight. I tend to move around a lot in my sleep and surprisingly, the patch did not come off or even shift! I took it off in the morning since I had to go grocery shopping and was amazed because the pimple was no longer existent! I was walking around saying, “I’m sold. Sold, sold, sold!” to myself.

My Thoughts
These acne patches are incredible! I had a tiny pimple with a white head ready to come out and this patch completely annihilated any trace of that blemish.

I think I’ll still use benzoyl peroxide as a preventative measure to fight against any future breakouts but I’ll use Nexcare Acne Patches if any babies ever manage to make it past the benzoyl peroxide. Ooh. I’m already excited. I’m definitely buying more of these when I run out!

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