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Lush Sweet Japanese Girl Cleansing Bar Review

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Lush Sweet Japanese Girl Review

Lush Sweet Japanese Girl is a facial massage and exfoliation bar made in the shape of a traditional Japanese sweetmeat mould. Ground almond and adzuki beans can be found in the solid cleanser and provide exfoliation benefits: removing dead skin cells and invigorating the skin. Lemon and juniperberry oils stimulate while natural butters soften and moisturize. Sweet Japanese Girl definitely smells very strongly of juniper.

It comes in Lush’s Yellow Bag which you can bring back to Lush to refill with more lovely goodies.

$10.25 for 1.2 oz but is now discontinued? I can’t find it on the Lush website.

Directions: Warm the bar in your hands then rub it over your entire face. Remove with warm water on a face cloth or cotton pad.

I usually follow up the given directions with a toner moistened cotton pad. I don’t usually use toner but did have some samples of The Face Shop’s Eco Vert Essential Toner so I’ve been using that. Now that I’ve run out though, I’ll probably just stick to Lush’s simple directions and see how that goes. In addition to these steps, I end my routine with a light moisturizer like CeraVe’s Moisturizing Lotion.

You can see the little exfoliation almond/azuki beans here.

Using a soft cotton facial pad...

I tissue off all the product.

My Thoughts
I think it’s a fun product to use since it’s a bit more involved than my normal CeraVe pump cleanser but I don’t always have the time for it. It’s easy to warm up in the summer time but I’ve been having a difficult time with it now that it’s winter. It’s not hard if I use it right after I shower because my body is still warm but if I’m trying to warm the bar during other times, it’s kind of hard. Sometimes I even resort to just sticking the bar on my face and slowly moving it around to see if that works.

Skin afterwards.

I find the ground almond and adzuki beans a fun addition but they’re actually a bit painful sometimes. I try to rub very gently in a circular motion but even then, the edges of the particles are sometimes a bit sharp.

I love that my face feels super smooth and moisturized afterwards! It’s a little red sometimes but I’m sure that’s because of the exfoliation part. You’d think that all the oils and butters would leave my skin greasy but I don’t feel that’s the case at all! I even follow up with some light lotion.

All in all, I’d recommend this product because it’s fun and hasn’t broken me out or caused any sensitivity problems but I’m just not sure about whether or not I’d purchase it again (although this first one was a gift) because it’s just a bit time difficult to warm up sometimes which leads to it being unnecessarily time consuming. But it’s not thatttt bad. It’s a fun product though. And cute, too!


  1. Wow this is interesting. It's there's a scrubber or something in that soap. I've been searching for japanese skin products thanks for this find! :)

  2. how does the yellow refill bag work?


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