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Lush Soft Coeur Massage Bar Review

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I’ve always found that body oils are somewhat difficult to use. It’s hard to nicely pour out the oil so that it doesn’t spill down the sides of the bottle leaving a mess on your counter/bed/etc. It’s also tricky trying to keep the oil from slipping through your fingers. Lush Soft Coeur Massage Bar provides a fun and interesting alternative. It is heart shaped, contains real chocolate, is easy to store away, and smells great!

The Soft Coeur Massage Bar that I received was heart shaped (as they all are) and was about the size of my palm. Sorry that I can’t give details past this. I didn’t think to measure the bar when I first got it. Soft Coeur is a creamy white color with chocolate chunks inside the butter/oil mixture. It melts really easily between your hands and smells oh-so-fabulous (best description I could come up with, haha). I imagined the chocolate would be sticky upon contact with your skin but it’s not sticky at all.

$8.20 for 1.3 oz

Directions from
This massage bar is especially melty, so you will want to put down a dark, absorbent towel to protect your surface first. Glide the massage bar directly over dry skin; it will melt upon contact. Massage the oils into the skin. As massage bars are made with natural butters and oils, take care to ensure they absorb completely before putting on your best silk pj's. Massage bars melt at body temperature, so be sure to keep yours somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.

I’ve been using it in place of hand lotion after I wash my hands and it’s been fairly moisturizing. It doesn’t seep into your skin like lotions might but that’s not what it’s supposed to do anyway. It melts really quickly so you only need to rub it between your hands for a short while before placing it down again.

My Thoughts
I liked that Soft Coeur Massage Bar didn’t drip all over the floor after I melted it between my hands as normal body oil might. The bar is a bit greasy and takes a while to set in but your hands feel really soft once it does! The amazing scent definitely adds to the luxuriousness. It’s the first thing all my friends who I’ve introduced Soft Coeur to mention.

The only downside to this massage bar is that the chocolate doesn’t seem to soak well into the skin. The chocolate just balls up whenever I rub it between my fingers.
I’d definitely recommend Soft Coeur for its wonderful scent but I’m not sure about the chocolate part. As romantic as the chocolate is, waking up to stains on your bed sheets is definitely not.

- Easy to melt between hands
- Smells amazing
- Moisturizes well

- Somewhat small compared to other Lush massage bars
- Chocolate doesn’t melt into skin
- Greasy (but note that it IS full of oils and butters)

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