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Lush Cosmetic Lad Review

Lush Cosmetic Lad Review

I received a sample size of this wonderful smelling moisturizer as part of a gift but have long put off writing a review. I’m such a bad blogger. Hah. I find it difficult to find or make time to devote myself to this blog even though I think about it so often. A friend recently became a Yelp Elite and credited it to many long sleepless nights. Perhaps that’s the direction I need to go! Haha. Alright. Enough of my rambling, onwards to the actual review!

From All-in-one moisturizer, aftersun soother, hair cream and shaving balm.

With calming aloe vera gel, chamomile extract and lavender honey water, Cosmetic Lad will relieve your skin and help it on its path to recovery. It's superb on sunburnt, wind-chapped and razor burnt faces; this is not just a cream for the boys. Girls love it too (especially those with sensitive skin). It hydrates and softens without weighing you down. If you've got the type of man who thinks putting on lotion will suddenly turn him into a girl, pick this up for yourself and then slather it all over him while he sleeps. Hopefully he'll see the light and start putting it on himself.

Cosmetic Lad is a rich, whipped moisturizer from Lush Cosmetics. It normally comes in a black 1.5 oz screw top tub but I am reviewing my 0.17 oz/ 5 g sample size which came in a mini screw top pot. The first thing I noticed when I opened it was the fluffy whipped white texture. I was really excited about that since I’ve never used such a moisturizer. I couldn’t pinpoint the smell but it’s been described as subtle orange and vanilla scent with a base note of sandalwood.

$20.45 for 1.5 oz on


I love products where you can apply the saying, “a little goes a long way,” and this is no different for Cosmetic Lad. My little sample size pot lasted quite a while even when I was using it once in the morning and again at night. After applying Cosmetic Lad, my skin always felt very moisturized and fresh. The moisturizer absorbed well into my skin although it did leave a bit of greasy residue. I wouldn’t say that the product is as light as the description implies since I was once able to use up two Hello Kitty blotting sheets after application.

takes me 2 oil blotting sheets to get off the excess grease

skin after

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed using Lush’s Cosmetic Lad. It never once irritated my sensitive skin. No redness, itching, burning sensations, or irregular breakouts. It kept my face moisturized all day long so that I never once had to reapply. And it also smells great! I wouldn’t recommend this to those with oily skin since the product is a tad greasy itself but it’s definitely a nice little splurge for those of us with dry skin. It does leave the skin a little on the shiny side though which can be a con for some. The price would keep me from purchasing it again since it wasn’t any kind of miracle product to me. My CeraVe moisturizers are still my HG’s since they leave me looking quite matte and contain around 8x more product for half the price each. All in all, I wouldn’t mind using Cosmetic Lad again but I’ll refrain from purchasing it for now since there are so many others to still try out and I still really like CeraVe.

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