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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review

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When I first learned about cleansing oils, I was thinking, "Why would I ever want to put more oil on my face when that’s what I’m trying to get rid of in the first place?" But after reading so many fabulous reviews about cleansing oils, I decided to finally try one for myself: DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil.

Cleansing oil on.

The Deep Cleansing Oil wasn’t as thick of a liquid as I had expected it to be. It was more watery than anything else. I only needed to use very little of the cleansing oil to cover my entire face. It had a light olive oil scent.

Eye makeup coming off.

$11 for 2.3 fl oz or $24 for 6.7 fl oz.

The directions say to use this product on dry hands and on a dry face so I didn’t rinse my face before massaging the cleansing oil on. This cleanser is supposed to double up as a makeup cleanser and since I was wearing some eye makeup, I gently massaged the cleansing oil over my eyelids. Washing it off was a simple task. I only had to rinse a few times and the cleansing oil came right off. Afterwards, I experienced some dry areas on my face which was a bit odd to me cause I hadn't seen any reviews saying anything about dryness. It could have been completely unrelated though because my skin has been acting funny lately, with all the white spots, dry spots, and all.

Dry skin.

Skin after.

My Thoughts
I really liked the cleansing oil because it was so easy to apply and take off. No extra step in having to rinse your face before putting it on. You don’t really even have to massage much because it’s very watery and it easily spreads across your face. It did a super good job of taking off the majority of my eye makeup. When I wiped a cotton swab over my eye region afterwards, I could hardly see any leftover makeup at all. My skin didn’t feel stripped of it’s natural oils but I did notice some patches of dryness. I don't know if I should pinpoint this to my recent odd skin activity or the DHC deep cleansing oil.

Leftover eye makeup.

All in all, I’d definitely like to try this cleansing oil again on a day when my skin is back to normal.

Have any of you tried this or any other cleansing oils? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations?

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